Latest Android TV apks

Movies / TV Shows

Tea TV (teatv-8-2r updated 1 Dec 2018) Movies/ TV Shows
Video Player (Tea TV)
T Player

Movie HD V5.0.4 (Updated 26 Oct 2018)
AM Player Required (Updated 26 Oct 2018)

Megabox (Updated 25 Oct 2017)
MV Cast Player Required 1.0.4 (Updated 20 Dec 2018)

Cartoon HD v3.0.2 (Updated 19 May 2017)

Showbox 4.94 (25 Oct 2017) (Use VPN)
Opera VPN 1.4.1 (13 Mar 2018)

TVMC Pre-configured KODI/XBMC with Genises / Icefilms / 1-Channel / Navi-x etc

Kodi Jarvis for Android 16.1 (Updated 14 Dec 2016, uninstall previous version )

Netflix (Login Required) Updated 14 Dec 2016

Newest Movies HD

Video Player
MX Player
VLC Player
Yes Player
Live TV

Mobdro (20 Dec 2018)

UK TV NowUKTVnow 8.9 19 Oct 2017 (Phones and Tablets)
UK TV Now Fire Stick/Android UKTVnow 7.9 25 Oct 2017
(Google Play Services)(Google Play Services error fix) 14 Dec 2016

Torrent Stream Controller 1.6.7 (updated 03 Nov 2016)
Ace Stream Engine v3.0.6 (updated 21 Apr 2015)

Film On Live

MFT Installer

IPTV Subscription
Perfect Player (IPTV)
Perfect Player
STB EMU updated 21 Aug

TeamViewer Quick Support
TeamViewer Add On

Video Player
MX Player

MX Player

VLC Player

Yes Player (Terrarium)

ES File Downloader (Also Available in Google Play Store)
ES File Downloader

Irish Apps
RTE Player (Google account login required )

Media Maverick App
App Backup and Restore

Drong cast

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